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Real Life Stories from People Just Like You

Everyone has at least one story that they like to tell. A story that really gives insight into their passions, achievements, personality, and dreams. It’s important for people to tell this story, whether it be to a friend, stranger, or the entire world.

Sometimes, it can be inspiring to read the stories of others and learn more about someone’s day-to-day life as they share their real-life stories. It may not be interesting anymore to read about the lives of celebrities or historical figures. We see them in the news every day or we’ve already read about them in school.


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What Legacy Do You Want to Leave Behind for Your Family

Have you ever wondered how to leave a legacy for your family? Something for them to hold onto and remember you by once you’re gone?

While it is true that death is a part of life, and all of us will be making our departure at some point, that does not necessarily mean that being forgotten is also an inevitable part of existence.

When you make the choice to be remembered after death, you are faced with a question that only you can answer: What legacy do I want to leave behind?

When you’re struggling to answer the question, “How...

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Sharing Your Story Online

Most people at some point have kept a journal in which they wrote their secrets, dreams, feelings, and documented their daily life. While some of those people have been able to keep a journal for an extended period of time, others may have stopped documenting their lives. This could be due to losing the physical journal, being unable to find time to write dedicated entries, or slowly becoming uninterested in writing down their story.

Maybe instead of keeping a journal throughout the span of an entire life, someone decides to write their feature-length memoir, but the organization of facts, interviews,...

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Find an Obituary for a Specific Person

Discover an Online Obituary for a Specific Person Free

Does it interest you to read about other people’s lives? Are you curious to know how your life compares to the lives of others? If so, it stands to reason that you might enjoy having the ability to find an obituary for a specific person free. 

An obituary isn’t always dull, vague, and lacking a narrative structure. In fact, did you know that you can find an obituary for a specific person using Peoplepedia? 

What’s more is that you can find an obituary for a specific person while...

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How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Build Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

Relationships between people are built on a foundation of mutual trust, admiration, respect, and love. If one or more of these aspects are missing, it’s difficult to have a lasting relationship with your partner. It seems that some people instinctively know how to build a healthy relationship with their partner, while for others, relationships aren’t built easily. Knowing how to have a healthy relationship is important for not only the well-being of your partner, but for your personal welfare, too.

4 Keys to Building a Healthy Relationship


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How to Meet New People

Let's Meet People in New City

Moving away from friends and family is a tough transition, there’s no doubt about that. And the reasons for moving vary; a new job, a new house, or a whim to start a new chapter in your life may lead you to a new city. Whether it’s the next town, the next state, or halfway across the globe, having little to no friends in a new city is a little frightening. The silver lining in all of it is starting over with a new social circle and discovering fun ways to meet...

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Inspirational Stories from Real Women

Short Stories About Life Experiences. Encouragement from Real Women (Including You!) 

Historically, the voices of women have been stifled. It wasn’t until relatively recently (at least when you consider how long human record keeping goes back) that women were even taught to read and write! 

For this reason, there seems to be a dearth of inspirational stories from real women. It’s not that women haven’t been accomplishing amazing feats for centuries, just as men have been doing – it’s that for much of history, women lacked the necessary education and resources to leave their stories behind for future generations. 


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How to Make Friends Online

What to Do When You Have no Friends

One of the most fulfilling aspects of life is having friends and making connections with people with whom you can turn to for advice, comfort, and joy. Some people have plenty of friends in their everyday lives that it seems like almost too many friends, and some people have none.

Before the internet, having few or no friends was a problem that could only be fixed by forcing social interactions. It may be hard to fill up free time if you didn’t know what to do when you have no...

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when will i meet my soulmate

Soulmate (n.)

1: a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament; a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

Most people—whether they know it or not—are searching for their soulmate. That one other person in the world who you have a connection with that you will never find elsewhere, romantic or platonic. There’s plenty of debate on the best way to find your soulmate; some say to let it happen naturally, while others advocate for a grand adventure in search of your soulmate.

When will I meet my soulmate?

For those...

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Seeking New Job Opportunities

At any given moment, countless people are actively seeking new job opportunities. For many, this means seeking new job opportunities, but it can also mean seeking new experiences through extracurricular activities or forging new social connections.

How Peoplepedia Help You Find New Job Opportunities

Actively seeking a new job opportunity can be very intimidating, especially for people who have spent a long stint in their current position, with their current company, or in their current industry. However, “burn out” is a real phenomenon, and sometimes people crave the unfamiliar because they’re simply no longer enthusiastic about what they’ve...