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How Do You Get Yourself Listed On Wikipedia

What Does It Take to Get Your Own Wikipedia Page?

What Does It Take to Get Your Own Wikipedia Page

Anyone who’s ever turned to Wikipedia to find out the full story about somebody else’s life has probably wondered how to get on Wikipedia themselves. When we read the kinds of detailed, and sometimes fairly intimate, information that is written about people on Wikipedia, we stop and ask ourselves, “What does it take to get a Wikipedia page?”

For public figures, celebrities, the super-rich, and even the infamous, it seems natural that a Wikipedia page would be dedicated to them. They are likely to be people about which the general public has interest, so it’s not surprising that somebody has taken the time to start a Wikipedia page about them.

But how do you get yourself listed on Wikipedia? How do you get your life story published in a place where anybody can read it?

One word: Peoplepedia.


Conflict of Interest Editing

The problem with Wikipedia is that it only allows certain people to have articles written about them. And another key consideration is that it’s frowned upon to write your own Wikipedia article; somebody else is supposed to write it about you.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “How is somebody else supposed to write my own story for me? Nobody could possibly know everything about my life. They would miss so much of my story and get so many of the details wrong!”

Even if you weren’t thinking about those things initially, I bet you are now!

Wikipedia’s rules state that contributing...