Michael Luchen

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May 11th, 1974
Brooklyn, NY, United States
Merchant Services
Sheepshead Bay High School, 1993
Kaplan University, Internet Marketing, SEO, Major, 2011 - 2012
New York Real Estate Institute, Real Estate, New York Real Estate License, 2004 - 2004
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Ourania Koulouris Luchen (2016 - Present)

Marissa, Michael, Christina, Peter
Mercedes Benz
Love to Save Business Owners Money on Credit Card Processing

This is Me - My Soul

My Interests/Hobbies/Passions/Pursuits

My passion is showing business owners how much money I can save them by removing all junk fee's from their bill every month and also teaching other the sales skills I have aquired over the years.

I also love being a husband and a father and try to learn by mistakes so I become better at it each...

This is My Story - My Life

My Early Life/Career/Personal Life/Accomplishments

I am a seasoned salesman with years of experience in business development. I am married with two children of my own and two children from my second marriage. Professionally love what I do now as Director of sales & operations for OKMerchant Payment Solutions, Card Connect - First Data...

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