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"I Want to Be Remembered": Building a Legacy Online

I Want to Be Remembered, I Want to Be Recognized, I Want to be Known


Have you ever wondered how your grandparents met? Maybe you know your grandmother worked at the general store and your grandfather was a regular customer there, but do you know what their first date was like? Did they even go on dates? Do you know what qualities they found attractive in one another, or what obstacles they overcame to be together?

It’s totally natural to wonder about the lives of your family members who came before you. After all, if it hadn’t been for your grandparents, and then your own parents, you wouldn’t be with us today!

Sadly, details about the lives of our ancestors often remain unknown to us. Unless you are one of the lucky few who inherited a relative’s diary or journal, you will never have access to their story as they would have told it. Plus, pages tatter and paper yellows with age, so even a diary or journal cannot preserve one’s story forever.

With the advent of the internet, you now have the opportunity to preserve yourself – the very essence of your being – so that your loved ones, and anybody else who’s interested, can get to know the real you. Web pages don’t tatter and computer screens don’t yellow, so the key to preserving yourself for future generations is to do so digitally.

What Is Peoplepedia?

Peoplepedia is an online encyclopedia of everyday people like you and me. It’s completely free to use, and it always will be.

By creating your free Peoplepedia profile, you can tell your story exactly the way you want it to be told. Nobody else on this planet is exactly like you, and it would be such a shame for you, and all that makes you unique, to go unnoticed and undocumented. Peoplepedia gives you the power to write your own story and take control of how you’ll be remembered for the rest of time.

Peoplepedia is different from Wikipedia because Wikipedia profiles are not available to everyone. Only those deemed “notable” are permitted to have Wikipedia pages written about them. Plus, Wikipedia pages are not autobiographical. Somebody else is trusted to tell your story for you.

Peoplepedia allows anybody, regardless of whether or not they’re considered “notable” by Wikipedia’s standards, to create their own profile and reap the benefits. It is the philosophy of Peoplepedia that just because you aren’t rich and famous doesn’t mean you aren’t worth knowing about. Peoplepedia lets everyone go down in history, just the way they want to.

A Place Online Where You Can Reflect on Your Life and Accomplishments

Take a moment to reflect on your life so far. Think about everything you’ve already accomplished, and all that you have left to achieve. What are you most proud of? How have you changed the lives of those around you? What is the most monumental challenge you’ve overcome? What drives you, scares you, and interests you?

It is these types of questions that reveal who a person truly is, and only you can answer these questions about yourself. By publishing your answers on your Peoplepedia profile, you ensure that your footprint is cemented on the sands of time.

If you have thoughts like, “I want to be known. I want to be recognized. I want to be remembered,” thrumming through your head, there is a simple solution. Create a Peoplepedia profile and start building your online legacy today.

Don’t delay! Your time on this earth is limited, but your Peoplepedia profile will leave a lasting impression. Sign up for an account today so you can start creating your own Peoplepedia profile.

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