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Peoplepedia is the FREE social network that really works for you! Fill out your “ultimate selfie” and attract 1) LOVE…if you’re single attract your dream lover. 2) WORK…attract your dream job, 3) FRIENDS…attract your best friends. Indeed, imagine being on a dating site and instead of a picture and a swipe left or swipe right protocol…instead there’s a full Wikipedia Page about your love interest. Wow. You would really get to know him or her before any physical contact. That works! Imagine an employment search provides your interviewer for your dream job with a full Wikipedia Page on you…and vice versa. That works! And imagine having your very own detailed Wikipedia Page of your life…so you can become known and sought after by potential friends, lovers, employers. That works! Well that Wikipedia-like page (i.e., your very own personal Peoplepedia Page) shows the world your interests, your achievements, your passions, and it displays to your family, your friends, your potential love interests, potential employers a full presentation of who you are! Your ultimate selfie — inside and out! Your Peoplepedia Page is very rewarding, and that information works hard for you! Yeah, that works! Peoplepedia pumps power and prestige into your present life and your future! It is the NEW social network that really works for you — the genuine Law of Attraction hard at work for you! Get Your Own Peoplepedia Page Working For You Today! It’s FREE!

Most people cannot have a Wikipedia-page, for Wikipedia is explicitly for “notable people” (in other words, famous). Peoplepedia is for everyone ─ it’s “the free encyclopedia of the human race” that captures both facts and feelings. Peoplepedia is your page in the pages of history. And whereas Wikipedia limits information about a person to third-party sources (i.e., news articles, third-party publications, etc.), Peoplepedia gets the whole story and becomes one’s ultimate selfie ─ inside and out! (The Wikipedia-like anchor to Peoplepedia is expanded upon in the Message From the Founder and the Peoplepedia Anchor, both found below.)

We tend to put a good chunk of our lives contributing to our Facebook Pages. The effort serves us well in the here-and-now. But I want you to think about something: If you put the same amount of time contributing to your Peoplepedia Page, you can get a similar result in the here-and-now. But your new readers will reach a deeper connection with you because they will really know you, inside and out, because of your page's Wikipedia-Like anchor. Indeed, your Peoplepedia Page also gives you a Wikipedia-Like, eternal page in the pages of history...not just a fleeting social media experience. So time and effort spent on your Peoplepedia Page is not fleeting; it is eternal. And that eternal nature of Peoplepedia compared to the fleeting nature of Facebook is why putting your limited time into Peoplepedia is more valuable than Facebook. And one more thing: Peoplepedia does not censor, regardless of viewpoints. Peoplepedia will remove or block content only if it violates the Prime Law below: 

The Prime Law

(The Fundamental Law of Protection)

 Article 1

No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property, or contract.

Article 2

Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1.

Article 3

No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2.

With its Wikipedia-Like anchor, Peoplepedia gives you the soul and life of your dating prospects; you will know your next date before actually meeting him/her. People say that Peoplepedia connections simply feel more comfortable, more relaxed, closer with a sense of friendship already established when meeting a prospect for the first time. You already know each other before meeting up. Indeed, people say the first date goes much smoother with lots to talk about each other! We still believe that the best (and perhaps the most successful) path to romance is knowing each other first with lots to talk about! Tinder may seem like the shortcut, but the smart lovers quietly use and love Peoplepedia.

Your potential company of hire will have a deeper understanding of who you are BEFORE your interview: much deeper than a standard résumé. That deeper knowledge of who you are comes from the Wikipedia-Like anchor on your Peoplepedia Page, which exposes your soul and your life and strengthens your connection with the hiring personnel at your potential place of work. Peoplepedia gives your on-line presence more dimension, more breadth and depth, more power for tracking down your dream job. Furthermore, you too will see the Wikipedia-Like story on the person who will interview and/or hire you! People love the job-search insights and advantages of Peoplepedia! When it comes to job hunting or employee hunting, there’s nothing better than knowing the person you will work for or the person you will hire inside and out!

Peoplepedia is the social media that really works hard for you! Because of the Wikipedia-Like anchor, you — your soul and your life — will become known, recognized and remembered! And as people get to know you, then your Peoplepedia Page will naturally attract friends, romance (if you are looking), and even employment (if looking). No other social media can do for you what Peoplepedia can do for you! And over time, those attracted to you will come with deeper feelings and compatibilities, from friends, to lovers, to employers. Peoplepedia is the real deal — the manifestation of the Law of Attraction!

A Message from Peoplepedia Founder, Mark Hamilton

Hello. As a professional writer for the past four decades, I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing in coffee shops. Over the past nearly forty years, I have heard people socializing all around me, and if there is one thing I have learned about human nature, it is this: people of all ages — toddlers, teens, adults, seniors — love to talk about their passions, pursuits, accomplishments and achievements. Indeed, spanning the years and years of all the socializing going on around me, I have noticed a common thread: people have a deep desire to be known, recognized, and remembered. Yet only a tiny fraction of the human race ever gets into the pages of Wikipedia. So I started the much-needed Peoplepedia to serve our human nature and bring everyone in. Now everyone can be known, recognized, and remembered. It is the most natural and rewarding thing in the world to do. (And I know how people LOVE their social media, so I put plenty of that here too. Share with your readers what’s going on in your day-to-day life, and see what’s going on in theirs!)

As more and more people fill out their Peoplepedia Pages, we are filling up the pages of the 21st-century, encyclopedia of the human race. Today start your page. Capture you on your page: a summary of your life. Start now and edit, update, and keep it fresh throughout your life. Use this free tool to immortalize you! Be known, be recognized, be remembered.

Let the world know who you are…your interests and accomplishments.  Start your page now…and continue to build and edit your page as you live your life.  Along the way, you may hear from interesting people who are drawn to you or just plain appreciate who you are and admire what you have done…be it family members and friends commenting and complimenting, or altogether new persons interested in you or even your business ventures.  Adults could meet the love of their lives this way or even get messaged for employment or for business.  Teens could befriend other teens with similar interests.  But most importantly, one’s life, one’s interests and accomplishments get documented for eternity as Peoplepedia immortalizes you in the pages of human history.

Teens, young and old adults alike can start their Peoplepedia Page today.  It’s never too early, but one day it could be too late.  It’s free and it grows along with you for your entire life.  It is your face to the world and your partner in life, sometimes introducing you to wonderful people and paths you would otherwise never know throughout your life.  Your Peoplepedia Page makes your life richer and fuller.  And your Peoplepedia Page will be here, holding your place in history, after you are gone.

Peoplepedia is an autobiographical encyclopedia.  Sharing subjective feelings with the objective facts adds a deeper dimension to the information.  Peoplepedia captures your soul, who you are inside and out as you move through life.  Even living, well-known persons who are placed in biographical-encyclopedic Wikipedia will want an autobiographical-encyclopedic Peoplepedia Page to also integrate their emotional souls with the objective facts for the record and for their loved ones and family-line to know and feel now and for posterity.  Indeed, imagine (although technologically not possible) if Peoplepedia were here generations ago, and imagine today reading historic figures in the Peoplepedia paradigm.  I would love to know, for example, Henry Ford’s inner feelings as he invented the assembly line and raised America’s standard of living!  Or imagine “knowing” your great great grandfather, his heart and soul, reading his own words about his passions, pursuits, achievements and accomplishments.  Imagine your great great granddaughter someday knowing you, reading your words, knowing your soul and your life.  Peoplepedia allows us to know each other and draws us closer together, around the world and through the generations.

The beauty of Peoplepedia is that everyone is part of the big picture that forms mankind, not just “notable” people who make it into Wikipedia.  Famous or not, you are a page in the pages of history.  You are important.  You will be known, recognized, and remembered because of Peoplepedia.

Keep your Peoplepedia Page current — this summary of your life, your interests, your accomplishments…this reflection of you, your feelings, your soul…your eternal documentation of your precious life, your page in the pages of history.  You do not have to be rich and famous to be known and to forever be part of history.  You do not have to be forgotten after you are gone.  You do not have to be unknown and unrecognized while here either.  Peoplepedia is here to change that.  You are an irreplaceable page in the 21st-century encyclopedia of the human race.  Peoplepedia will make sure the world and history know and remember who you are.  Start your page in this encyclopedia today.  It is absolutely free!  Be known.  Be recognized.  And be remembered, forever.



Mark Hamilton


 The Peoplepedia Anchor

Imagine if whenever someone googles you, you came right Wikipedia!  Well, Wikipedia has a strict policy of allowing only "notables" into their on-line encyclopedia.  But now if someone googles you, you can come right Peoplepedia!  Peoplepedia is Wikipedia for the people.1  Wikipedia only accepts "notables"; Peoplepedia accepts everyone — 100% of the population.  Peoplepedia is for YOU — now and forever.

Whenever someone googles you, there you will be — YOU and your proudest moments. Peoplepedia is the new on-line encyclopedia of the human race. Start your very own free Peoplepedia Page today. Whenever someone googles you, he or she will instantly find you and see your life’s accomplishments in Peoplepedia. Be known. Be recognized. Be remembered. Your Peoplepedia Page will live on forever…so even your great, great grandchildren will someday get to know you too! This is your page in the pages of history — your Peoplepedia Page. Your legacy. It’s FREE and FOREVER. Get started today. Secure your immortality, like you were in Wikipedia, only better! Peoplepedia is the free encyclopedia for we the people.

Tell your loved ones and friends that Peoplepedia is the free online encyclopedia of the people. Peoplepedia will include YOU and your family and friends. Capture your page in history with your very own Peoplepedia Page. You, your soul and your achievements will be proudly displayed for the world to see on Peoplepedia, and your Peoplepedia Page will live on forever for your children, grandchildren, even great, great grandchildren to see. Imagine: your great, great grandchildren will someday meet you and bond with you through Peoplepedia. You’ll never be forgotten. Start your Peoplepedia Page. Be known. Be recognized. Be remembered.

Known as “Wikipedia for the people” (as only “notables” are allowed in Wikipedia), Peoplepedia gives you immortality. People are too valuable to just fade from our memories and be forgotten and then disappear forever. Peoplepedia does not let us just fade away and be forgotten. Peoplepedia preserves our precious existence forever. There is no charge for this service. Get started right now, and invite your family and friends to start their own Peoplepedia Pages, too! It is free, fun, and rewarding! And it will be awesome for people to see you and know about your passions and achievements when they google you! Put yourself out there!

Peoplepedia reflects the immense value and importance of each and every individual. Indeed, each and every person of the human race is monumentally important and should have his or her permanent place in the history of the world, thus the conception of the Peoplepedia Page. Peoplepedia invites every person on the planet to have his/her own Peoplepedia Page. Peoplepedia offers every living person to be known, recognized, and remembered among family and friends, and beyond. Peoplepedia wants each and every person to have this opportunity to be known and forever remembered by his or her family-line…and to have documentation of his or her lifetime achievements forever available to the world. Championing the individual’s immense value in this world, the Peoplepedia Page was born.

So Peoplepedia offers immortality to every person today — capturing his or her emotional soul and lifetime of accomplishments eternally on-line.

Indeed, your Peoplepedia Page is the place to capture you, your soul, and to document your life during your living years…to remain here after you are gone, for eternity: your page in the pages of history. The “This Is Me — My Soul” section is where you can express yourself — the things that impassion you. Express your interests and passions…capture your soul. Let your page present what motivates and moves you. This is who you are inside…your soul. The “This Is My Story — My Life” section is where you can show your life — your milestones and accomplishments that mean something to you. Show your achievements…capture your life. Let your page present what makes you proud. This is your highlight clip…your memorable life. The “Along the Way — My Day” section lets you share what's going on in your day-to-day life and share your pressing thoughts and lets people post positive comments to your page and interact with you. You may even use this section as your daily journal if you so desire.

Peoplepedia is a free service available to everyone. It is the free encyclopedia of the human race. Start your Peoplepedia Page; start writing about yourself — it’s fun and rewarding! Remember, your page grows and evolves as you do throughout your entire life. It is your lifelong extension of you — the documentation of your life and soul. Embrace a long-term relationship with your Peoplepedia Page. Your page reflects who you are inside and out. And your soul will live here throughout your life and after you are gone. Stay current and prepared to proudly live forever on Peoplepedia!

Here’s what people feel upon starting their page in Peoplepedia:

“It feels so good getting my life and accomplishments down in one place. Now people can see and know these things about me that I love, now and forever.”

“Putting my positives out there — showing the best me — gives me a powerful source of positive energy and motivates me to accomplish and achieve!”

“My kids now know things about me and my past that they never knew before…things I am proud of.”

 “You no longer have to be rich and famous to be known and recorded in an encyclopedia.”

 “The world must have this — the many pieces to the giant puzzle called the Human Race.”

 “My Peoplepedia Page lives along with me and will live on after me. I take comfort in knowing that.”

 “I’d like my grandkids to know more about me…even if I won’t get a chance to someday tell them.”

 “Doing my Peoplepedia Page got me closer to myself. My Peoplepedia Page is now kinda like my best friend traveling through life with me.”

 “I love it. MY PLACE in the vast Human Race!”

 “I permanently captured me online. I kinda feel immortal now. It’s a good feeling!”

 “It’s my life, my soul…my parallel me.”

 “My Peoplepedia Page will be here, representing me, after I am gone. My great, great grandson will actually know me! I can see how Peoplepedia will keep family-lines together generation after generation. That’s so cool.”

 “A summary of my life, my passions and accomplishments. What a brilliant, elegantly simple concept. It’s fantastic!”

 “People will soon know their ancestry — where they came from and who those persons were both on the inside and the outside — thanks to Peoplepedia.”

 “It’ll become the personalized history of the 21st Century.”

 “We are ALL important, all connected and part of what makes up civilization on Earth, not just the people in other encyclopedias and Wikipedias. Thank you Peoplepedia!”

 “I can see Peoplepedia becoming part of our planet’s culture…an indispensable part of our lives and the world civilization.”

 “Peoplepedia offers our planet potentially the most comprehensive account of the human race via these pages of our lives.”

 “I think Peoplepedia will become the largest encyclopedia on Earth.”

 “Peoplepedia is the great extension of mankind and the great invention of our time.”

One of the beautiful values of the brand-new Peoplepedia is that your family and friends and the world will get to know you more deeply as you fill out your Peoplepedia Page. They will become a reader of your Peoplepedia Page, and they will look forward to you filling in your Peoplepedia Page with your passions and accomplishments so they become more aware of who you are! Peoplepedia is a great tool for everyone throughout the world.

Lots of people spend time every evening browsing through Peoplepedia. Many will be glad to see you on there! Peoplepedia really is the way to capture your soul and your life for posterity, for people to see now…and forever. And it is also a great tool for getting to know others more deeply, just as others would like to read more about you. Some will choose to become your “readers” and follow your journey through life. Spend some time filling in your passions and your life. As you do, your readers will love to read about you and get to know you better. And most importantly, you will be capturing YOU for eternity. By the way, as you get into it, capturing you, your passions, your achievements is rewarding and fun! You are welcome to add to your personal Peoplepedia Page as much and as often as you would like, even make it your daily journal! You and your readers will be glad you put the time into your Peoplepedia Page. Let them know what’s going on in your life by regularly posting new comments!

And most importantly, Peoplepedia brings us immortality. Get in and develop your Peoplepedia Page to the fullest as your window for humanity to see in and know who you are (now and after you are gone). Be known now and be remembered forever. Do this for you, for your loved ones, for your future family-line and for the world. Write your page in the pages of history. …The more detailed and involved you get with your Peoplepedia Page — your eternal mark in history — the more successfully you launch your immortality, never to be forgotten.

We leave you with this most recent feedback from one of Mark Hamilton’s (the founder’s) readers:

“Hi Mark! I joined your amazing new web space on the internet called Peoplepedia. I admit I always would've loved to be in Wikipedia, but there was no chance because only famous people are there. Well, today I see Peoplepedia rapidly becoming the Encyclopedia of the Human Race, and now I have my own place in there! It’s really cool! Anyone can now google me, and there I am, my life, my accomplishments, my proudest moments for all to see just as if I were in Wikipedia! Better yet, I am in Peoplepedia, the true Encyclopedia of the People. Now I am known. I am recognized. And, I will be remembered. Peoplepedia is capturing the pages of human history, one person at a time, and my Peoplepedia Page is my page in the pages of history, never to fade away, never to be forgotten. I am seen by the world, now and forever. It was so easy to join and fill out, and it is free! Thank you Mark Hamilton! Having my own Peoplepedia Page is such a great feeling! It’s an honor! Oh, and I love the social media features, which have put me in contact with so many people and new friends! Thank you, Mark!”

Be Known. Be recognized. Be remembered.




The Encyclopedia of the Human Race


Start Your Page Today!

 1No formal association exists between Wikipedia and Peoplepedia