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3 Major Benefits of Making Your Own Wiki Page

3 Major Benefits of Making Your Own Wiki Page

Do you ever imagine what a Wikipedia article that’s written about you would say? Of all the pictures of you that have been taken over the years, which would be the single photo selected to depict you as a person for the article? 

What would the article sections be titled? “Early life in Omaha,” “Postgrad Research,” “Pregnancy Complications,” and “Second Marriage?” 

Or what about “Immigration from Turkey,” “Mother’s Illness,” “Lottery Win,” and “Non-Profit Organization?” 

How would your life be divided into chapters? What chapter are you living right now? If someone were to sit down and write a biography about you but limit it to just a few pages of text, what would the critical plot points be?


How to Make Your Own Wiki

Perhaps imagining what your Wikipedia page would say slowly evolved into you writing it in your head. Maybe you started by imagining it in theory but slowly started composing the sections in your mind. 

Wanting to make your own Wiki page, or at least wondering how to make your own page, are thoughts that most internet users have had at some point. 

What you might not realize is that rather than make your own Wiki page, what you should really be focusing on is how to make your own page on Peoplepedia. 

The 3 major benefits you reap when you make your own Wiki page are the same as the 3 major benefits you reap when you discover how to make your own page on Peoplepedia.


3 Major Benefits of a Peoplepedia Page

Leave Behind a Legacy

When you pass away, you’ll want to leave something behind that recaps your life. Don’t force your loved ones and distant relatives to play guessing games when it comes to your life! Give them something that reminds them who you were and what you were like. 

When you make a Peoplepedia page, you leave behind a legacy that summarizes who you are. 

Answer the Hard Questions

While it may seem ridiculous to say some people don’t really know themselves (because who could know you better than you, right?), it’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. 

Have you truly asked yourself the hard questions about what you value, what you feel the purpose of life is, how you’ve had an impact on the world, what you’ll be remembered for after you die, etc.? 

When you make a Peoplepedia page, you are forced to confront these difficult questions. 

Meet New People

Do you wish you knew more people who share similar opinions, life experiences, and goals? Even though you wish you knew them, finding them isn’t so easy. At least it wasn’t until Peoplepedia came around! 

Peoplepedia allows you to connect with other people from around the world who come from all walks of life. While you may have a hard time meeting new friends, lovers, and business associates in your day-to-day life, you will find it much easier on Peoplepedia.


Peopledia Over Wikipedia

Stop wondering how to make your own Wiki and start wondering how to make your own page on Peoplepedia! 

The truth is, you don’t need to wonder this for very long because making a page is easy. 

Just sign up here and get going!

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